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Farmington Sno-Tigers

Meeting Minutes


meeting called to order: 704

members in attendance:21

sec report read and accepted:passed

treasurers report : read and approved

trails: Larry, and Pat are waiting for fairgrounds to reroute, 1 landowner

doe not want us on his land , there may be a tile project that may delay

where Jared and Nick go through. One trail by Zelmer need to be by the edge

of the corn field, make sure the signs are kept against the tree line.

Flagstaff to the fairgrounds could poss be put in  21st to do the trails.

Pound the stakes in the ground ,bridges are ready , snow fence by the tracks

that is permanent  on the railroad property, the groomer will fit tightly.

Rosemount has the LMC so we do not have to share the groomer we have the New

Holand . MN USA no plastic signs all aluminum

old business:

Special needs ride Feb 6th: secured the Empire truck shop $250 dep $125

rental fee. has been paid flyer are made. thank you Jared for getting

donation page up. Last meeting we gave away stocking caps . do we want to

give them away again ,,,, scarves, or kuzies a smaller tote bag. for a multi

purpose bag. cost for the event $125 rent, $300 food, $100 gas to fill

machines. scarves are $6.00 for the scarves or hats, what type of give away

do we want to use. Give always comes out of budget . If we have a general

purpose item comes out of the general fund. time line. Jared recommends neck

not scarf. If donations are received then insurance has to be purchased.

make sure the meetings are always posted. let the committee handle it  Brian

first Caleb sec and passed

board recommendation: club members only give rides, dealers need to know

their liability ,police the drives. sign sheet for the dealers, the waiver

have been reviewed. someone purchased 10 helmets, they just showed up.

knowledgeable handlers. about 65 percent of the time there is a handler

there to handle them. decals on the helmets. decal and size. 30 helmets. 8

from cat 10 extra, poss 10 additional. 5 helmets of every size.

safety training: Dec 12th 8 am: someone to help with safety training. not

dnr but someone.

Wed Nov18th at VFW instructor course

Xmas party  12/12/2015 after the training and behind the wheel at VFW guys

are to bring a $10 guy gift women to bring a $10.00 girl gift for the

exchange game

snodeo: 2/20/2016 just got permission from the landowner

laptop needed the new program to make editing possible. Jared will get it

Bob news letter: $35 for format design for the newsletter. bob motion for

lori second

New business:

Budget: 4500 not including the variables.

Committee: spread sheets and everyone must be notified of upcoming meetings

Board member meetings: Meeting will be held the wed dafter the monthly

meeting to discuss the previous meetings activity and set an agenda for the

next month

Log books: club members are asked to keep log books of what they do for the

club what when and where

Anyone that has ideas and wants to get something going pls contact Ken at


if you or or someone you know is not getting the minutes or emails please

contact me  via email farmingtonsnotigers@yahoo.com

Dakota trails update: appreciation dinner 11/28/2015 5 pm happy hours 6 pm

celts in farmington grant got cut 39000 may loose to 24000 next year if

registrations are not made.

mn usa meeting interesting stuff. lack of snow, tough guy put on wheels on

yours or used the dnrs sleds.

studs on sleds  now bikes want to use studs for winter riding new program

ride guide, list of people that will help out if you have a break down, only

for mn usa members.  snowmobile friendly committee city  will get a sign

under the star city sign.jim ross will help.

tickets for raffle Penney has them

world shoes donation fundraiser 12.00 to the club for every 24 pairs shoes

we donate.  Haiti is the receiving country any quality of sneakers Penny is

the front person,  bring them to her or bring them to the Christmas party.

Meeting ends Peter motioned Ken second

Submitted Respectfully

Jean Zak Sec


Meeting called to order:706

Members in attendance:22

Sec report read and approved Jim motion

Treas report: read and accepted

Jim motion to accept

Trail work day changed to the 17th land was sold and owner is not snowmobile friendly. One owner is snowmobile friendly

North spur to pilot knob is still good for this year

Old business:

Hay days: Had a good site next to the MNUSA booth. They liked our display  Brian motioned that we do it again Caleb second

Swap meet: decent turn out 22 swappers some repeat. 80-100 walk through. Could be better but not a bust. 440 swappers food 695.00 , tent 15 raffle 2 steak fry 3 memberships. Expenses$ 214 .00 fair grounds 282.22 in food. Ins 124.00 will be paid by Dakota trails 669.78 what worked for advertising Pat and Dawn donated 13 lbs of beef thank you so much. We are thinking that next years date will be Sept 17 2016

Web site for vintage sleds that they watch religiously

Jim motioned weekend after hay days next year Pete second sept passed sept 17 th 2016

Steak fry: was a success. Lori asked if we could do 2 rather then 1 next year since it was fairly easy to do. Our scheduled steak fry for 2016 will be in October.

Special needs ride:

Feb 6 th 2016 empire truck shop or oak and treasure, ( glen haven tight for sleds)

They will rental or donation of the use of the shop. They do have an event center with kitchen and sinks. They have land access about 1.5 miles tues the 13 th they will go in front of the board to ask permission. John Yankee is ok with use of the land. Land to the west.

Lori motion Larry second      

Safety training: Dec 12 2015 at he VFW Ken and Mark Williams will be getting together to set up the safety training.

Instructors classes send out email for interest

Club financial statement: Penny has put together a statement for The club. Please ask her for a copy if you would like to see it.

Christmas Party: will be held after the snowmobile safety training at he VFW Ken will head the committee.

Board meeting : the compete board will meet the Wed. after each monthly meeting to review the notes of the meeting and plan for the following month.

Home expo: The expo will be Oct 17/18th at the MPLS Convention center mn USA will be there.

Bob W would like to create a new letter called poss Bob's corner. We all agree that it would be a good idea.

Motion to close Jared 1st Mark Sec.

meeting adjourned

Winner of the $1.00 was Nick Ahrens I believe


Meeting called to order at 710

Members in attendance: 22

Sec report:

Treas report: read and accepted.

   330 has already been turned in for the steak fry. There was another donation from Happy Harry's .

Trails: October 10 2015 sign work day happy Harry's 9 am

Old business:

Swap meet Sept 19 2014: Princeton was 1/2 of what it was . Jim said we will see what happens, It will be what it will be. Saturday 530 am be on site by 6 am . Friday we need help at 1030 Am at the fairgrounds to set up. Tent is from Dakota trails

Insurance Ken will call the agent. When swappers sign in the waiver will be included.

Jim will have a get together after the swap meet

Mark needs cash for the swap meet.

Club raffle prize drawing April 14 2016. tickets made and Penny has them.Tickets they will be passed out October meeting and we will try to sell some at the steak fry and swap meet.

Hay Days Sept 12/13: Brian, Ken and Jared will be going up. See if we can get helmet donations, mitten and hats. Brian Vik will give Saturday  breaks.

Will sell tickets for the raffle and steak fry. Hopefully we can sell some and the weather cooperates.

Steak fry Sept 26 th Jim Ross needs a head count by the 18. friday night Sept 25 th prep 6 pm at VFW to cut veggies and set up tables. 330 pm Saturday . we service the deserts so please club members bring so something on Friday night or Saturday. Last year was a success here's to another successful steak fry.

New business:

Special needs ride: Jim Feb 6 th 2016 Jim motion  Jeff S. second

Safety training: Dec 12: DNR are not changing over yet they still are cd based Donna said. same class as we did before Jared motion Larry and Lori sec

Christmas party on the 12 th of Dec after the training . It will be held at VFW  Teresa motioned. Jared seconded.

Snodeo: Feb 20 th 2016 will plan more at a later meeting

Saturday at 10/11 fun day outside .Larry motioned Brian sec passed

Larry we are on the trail map 50.00 for our add Lori motion Brian sec.

Jeff asked if we can link our web to the map system

Jared will check it out. Polaris may have one also  great idea Jeff S. Mark has swap meet flyers.

Caleb stickers 100 for 250.00 shipped . He suggest each member gets a free sticker when pay their dues. Relook at the 250 next meeting Lori and Penny both want it to be tabled.

Larry motion to adjourn Lori sec

Zachary geragi 41.00 carried over he was not here

Respectfully Submitted

Sean Zak Sec


members in attendance 15

sec report read and accepted

treas report read and accepted

old business

Website look great thanks Jared

 We received a thank you from Barb Pettit

Brian will get Hay day site locked down

Swap meet: only committee member in attendance was Marc Williams he indicated that VFW is handling lliquor lic and we need to figure out what our cut would be. he also indicated that Jim would be putting up sign over the weekend.

cancer walk: Marc Williams was the only one in attendance

MN snow goer magazine: Ken sent MNUSA the 49.00 for the ad Larry motioned to pay and Jared sec

Club Raffle: some prizes were brought in but we are short. some prizes. everyone was to bring the prizes to this meeting so that we can get the tickets made in time for the Hay Days.  Please bring any raffle prizes to the Hay day meeting Aug 25th

new business:

 Snodeo: there was a meeting and it was decided that it would be Feb 20th so not to interfere with the special needs ride.

trail marker work day will be in Sept.

Steak fry tickets have been handed out let all do our best to make this a profitable fundraiser.

Ban Budensiek was name drawn for the bucket drawing .. it was 25.00 he was not at the meeting

Minutes respectfully submitted

Jean Sec


Meeting called to order :

705 pm

Number in attendance: 18

Sec report: approved and read by Jared

Treas report.  

Savings: 3111.81

After the approved 1000.00 was taken out for club improvements. This is a

yearly approved extraction for future club needs like repairs to the shelter

or a poss purchase and or build a club house or shed for our equipment


Bills to be paid

25.00 parade

31.98 camp out

91.25 golf outing

Icies under 60.00

Jared motioned to pay bills passed

Old business:

Parade and booth: Jim R , and  Jim H. said it was a success and was a blast.

Lots of people. 22 Steak tickets sold and 4 members. Parade was good. It was

thought that there would not be enough people to help but there were and

they made it work. Use icies  for sure, instead of candy.

Swap meet: Jim H. moving along. issues are vendors. It weill be help  Sept

19 th at the fair grounds. Jared is to put it up on the web site. Times and

any additional information need to be given to Jared so he can publish it..

We need the flyers. Jared will have it on the old one computer and then

transfer it to the new computer: Jeff and Mark Martinson phone numbers will

be contact for the swap.

Walk for cancer: Mark Williams raised about $800 so far. If you want to sign

up for the walk you can go to their website and sign up. "Relay for Life"

has all info on it. Silent action gift is ready.  Starts At 6 be at VFW at 5

for a beverage. Date is I believe July25th if interested please reconfirm on

their web page.

Thanks to  Jim Ross again he gave 256.60  as a donation for sales at Happy

Harrys to the club.

Steak fry: sold 22 tickets sold so far. The steak Fry is Sept 26th

Club raffle: April 14 2016 will be the drawing. Aug meeting prizes are


Camp out at Cannon Falls was a great success.  It was fun will do it again.

Brian and Penny's tent was safe even though it rained. Dave and Patsy joined

club as well.

New business:

Mn USA : We recieved a letter From MNUSA andthey are doing a drive with Sno

Goer Magazine. It's about why you should join a club. 49.00 per club

donation to MNUSA  for a spot on the page. We would do an article on the

Snodeo. It would possibly by the shelter. We will need to contact Harris's

for the use of the field. Is there any ideas? We could sell hot dogs or do

hot dogs on the trail during. It give us an opportunity to introduce

ourselves and the event to other clubs.

Waiver is being made for special needs ride that can be used for other

events as well. It will not be event specific.


Larry and  Ken will chair Snodeo. They will put together a plan and bring

it to the club next meeting.

Larry and Pat need 4 members to set up the intersections. And be in charge

of them always. Putting them in and taking them out. Jim and Chris Ross

,Mark, Lori ,Brian, Penny will be the members to work with Larry and Pat.

Pat and Larry will be guides.

Trail signs need to be addressed they are behind Happy Harry's .

Becca says we need to do inventory so that we know what is needed.

The MNUSA calendar is paying off. 3 have won $25. They were Jared Bitzan ,

Headland family , Nikki Zak, and a member from Dakota trail won the

snowmobile in January

Fall golf: Bob Weigel will set it up for Sept 27 th Larry and Brian second

all in favor.

Hay days committee, Brian and Ken.  Jeff S. offered to  help work it. The

event is Sept 12 and 13 th.


Club activities:

Larry motion to adjourn . Jim second adjourn 7:46


14.00 Caleb he was not in attendance

Respectfully submitted

Jean Zak Sec


meeting called to order at 705



members in attendance 29 in attendance



sec report read and accepted


373.87 for the computer approved for payment.

treas report:



80.00 pizza after trails were picked up

56.00 for food that was served at the spring get together at Mark and Lori's Jared motion pay bills Jim Ross sec old business:


land owner dinner April 19th 5pm social hour and 6 pm dinner: cheese potatoes, 300  pm for set up. and preping the food ,cup cakes for desert



Meadow View elementary May 5th set up at 530  show is 6-730 asked to have us help bring thing in  for the show. We will have power points and sleds and 4 wheelers. always use more help. Jim H. will send out an email . color books Penny will handle it.


Mark Williams walk for cancer: you can be a sponsor or do pledges. July 24th at the old high school 45 min opening program, walk for 5 hours teams of 6 people so that there is always someone on the track. Bob will be captain of our team if we can get people interested.

we have about 10 to 12 walkers. tabled for next month

Swap meet sept 19th   budget must be set: it is an investment. insurance is 235, $200.00 for the use of fairgrounds 200.00 as a deposit, this is refundable from the fairgrounds. Brian Vik  suggested to use 2500.00 as the budget that is the raffle cost as well. There was a committee meeting to discuss the organization of the swap meet. Jim H.motioned to keep the 2500.00 budget and this includes the raffle cost, Pete G second . Voted on and passed.


Hay days budget started as150.00 this could be rolled into the budget for the swap meet but the club decided to let it stand alone. Jim H motioned to let them spend up to 300.00 for the items needed to run hay days. do games like spin a wheel. or bean bags. Teresa sec , club passed and approved

Koozies: ordered and should be here by the 17 th of April



Club activities:


May 16th camping Zaks


May 17th golfing Bob Wiegel


June 5/6/7/ Kamp Del


June 26/27/28 Cannon Falls tubing this will be our picnic as well


Canterbury downs : Pete G is going to check into this

 4 wheeling was brought up for may 30th  Jared was going to look into this.


new business


Dakota trails: meeting,  We got approval of 1000.00 for gates , need to set up this summer.


Ken Zak is Vice President Dakota trails . We have developed a good working relationship with them.


Sun shine club Russ Pettits wife: put running boards on Russ's truck for Barb. Club paid for them and Larry put them on. We want to thank Larry for putting them on in his spare time.  Kathy motioned to approve the payment for the boards, Nick Zak second. Lori to be mindful of the situation. passed


club raffle: someone to get the donations. Jim Ross in charge of the raffle.


fairground meeting:  April 20th  6 pm



parade June 20th 5 pm: 300.00 budgeted.


dew days: June 20th: tent. 150.00 budgeted for the tent.Jared, Caleb, Jim head it up passed


next meeting may 14th bowling.Pat 1st Jared 2nd at Farmington   bowling alley.


Shelter is cleaned and locked up for the season Ken and Mark T got that done.


any new business:

mark relay for life. bronze membership put up a banner name on the t shirts and on the web site. that is a 500.00 donation.

Carmen fox motioned for to pay 500.00 for relay for life. Brian will put up the numbers so we know what we have left. we would consider matching what we raise.




presidents:  Ken,


vice pres: Peter Gerald,


sec: Jean Zak


treasurer: Penny Vik


trail Directors: Larry and Pat


board of directors : Mark T, Mark Martinson, Jared,  Brian Vik, Brian Woodman nominated for the board


Brian Vik and Mark T. were elected in .


Dakota trails rep:  Pat Devney, Mark Martinson


Mark Martinson elected in


motion to approve the voting, club passed meeting adjourned: Jim R motioned to adjourn and Kathy Arhens second


Bucket drawing. Davie O. Was drawn and he was in attendance. He was  the winner  of. 36.00


Meeting called to order at 707

Members in attendance: 19 in attendance

Treasures report:  Read and accepted

Bills to be paid: none

Sec report: read and approved

Special needs ride 200.00 Carry over for next year

Trails: gates and pickup of signs

Gates Tom coways  farm he would be interested in gates. Dak trail may help

out with the cost. Vince said try for the grant first. If it doesn't go

through then dak trails will help. 5 gates possible.

Sign pick up: March 28 th . Meet at celts 7 am breakfast. Poss have a BBQ at

the shelter that evening. Larry motioned BBQ at 3pm at the shelter. Pot luck

club buys the meat. If the ground isn't to thawed out. Jim h. Will have it

if it is not accessible Lori motion Larry second Trailer needs to be

finished up so there are pockets for the signs. Will play it by ear as to

the date.


Old business:

Land owners dinner : April 19th VFW. happy hour is 5:00pm, meals 6:00 PM,

set up is up to Mark Williams. It will be discussed at the next meeting. We

are doing the steaks and cheesy potatoes . Can Koozies, thank you land

owners or just thanks. 84.00 for 200. Check the price point for more. Lori

figured poss 400 Jim motioned 200.00 from  the budget for the Koozies Peter

second it. Supporting snowmobiling in Dakota county. Website.  Pat will be

doing the invites. Picture boards and a power point. Jim will do the power

point, Penny and Bob on boards.

Budget: the survey for the budget were reviewed and the majority agreed with

the proposed budget.

Activities: golfing spring and fall, camping tubing, beer bash silent

auction. Fall kick off with a pot luck,  Canterbury downs was a summer

option,  summer picnic, Christmas party. Twins or wild self pays.  

Club computer: Jared has a need for a computer. It needs to be upgraded he

found best buy, 8 gig processing Tera bite of memory 380.00 the program is

120.00 . Total 500.00 Mark Williams will get office. Used for website, power

points and Safety training. Mark William motioned 600.00 for computer Lori

second it All agreed . Bob will give us an external drive or use a flash

drive. We can also do a club cloud. Jared will handle it. Passed

Russ Pettit: she is do better

New business:

May 5 th Meadow Brook elementary show. Color books for poss give away. Time

4-6 or 4 -7 not sure of the exact time. Jim will let us know when he gets

the information from the school

Hay day Sept 12 th 13th 2015, Brain would consider doing this again.

Steak fry for fundraiser,  Sept 26 th Jared motion Pete second.

Winter expo:  The weekend after hey days. Jim Hoeft will head it Ken will co

it,  Mark T will help when and if he can. No vendors it has to be self make

food to sell. We will have enough people to help the day . Vintage sled show

as well. Jim motioned expo weekend to be weekend after Hey Days, Mark sec,


Mark indicated we are very short of helmets for the special needs ride.

Arctic cat will keep us in mind for helmet sales. Check with Craig's list

for used.  

March 28 th instructor banquet  in apple valley.

Nominations: second month for elections

Pres: Ken ,

Vice pres: Peter Gerald ,

Sec: jean

Treas: Penney

Trail captain: Larry and Pat

Board of directors:  Mark t, Mark m, Jared

Dakota trails:  Jim H, Pat D

close nominations Larry motioned, Jim H second .

Mark Williams was approached about a team for "walk for cancer" he will find

out the info

Peter is motion to close second meeting adjourned . 8:26

Bucket : 16.00 Chad was drawn he was not here

Meeting minutes Respectfully submitted

Jean Zak Sec


Meeting called to order at 700

Members in attendance 25 members

Treasurers report read and approved

Sec report read and approved

Trails: Nick H. And Pat Devney. more snow but not to bad. 1 farm needs to be
opened. Some signs have advertising signs have fallen out. We need to get
then reinstalled. Mark was to call get the new holland back and have it all
tested for any problems. John deer and new holland are ready. Need to check
the drag

Old business:

Safety training: went well in class about 72. Behind the wheel was on jan 3
about 40 showed and bal due on jan 10 we got a positive comment from a
parent on how it was run. We should use it as a promo for the club DNR
saftey training put on by Farmington Son Tiger. 20 coming Saturday for final
make up date.

Christmas party: was dec 13 th it was a good time

Community expo jan 31,2015: registered at community education. 100.00 was
approved 90.00 spent on the 2 spots. needed 1elec spot and 1without. Saving
the 10.00. a sled will be brought in. Pictures of the parade and special
need ride will be displayed. all ready to go. 4-5 persons will be at the
event. Color books will be handed out. Poss registration tri fold. Any
person that wants to join can be done that day.
Sno man contest hand outs as well. Jared did it and it is on the web as

Snowman sno tiger contest.

By laws adjustment: all expenditures must be discussed for 2 consecutive
meetings before a vote is taken to a lot funds for a special event or
donation ( amendment: of exceeding 500.00 excluding annual events) Nick
1sted, Jared , Lori 2 nd. All approved

Is there a budget : Ken would set it up

Club member book: Teresa not here

Special needs ride: February 7 th 2015. It will be at fairgrounds. Poss used
of fire hall . Jim would like to have it at the tent. Jim, spoke to Doug
crown rental we can get a 30/70 tent heat elec. complete. No expenses to the
club. For this year. Can do it on 3 rd street possibly with fair ground
approval. We have not spoken to them yet. Steak the east weight the west.
Have not gotten permission as of yet. The tent would be on the pavement.
Invites have been sent to everyone, including group homes, that came last
year. There are some others that may be attended from other group homes.
Motion made to use the tent by Marc . Matt sec. Vote by a hand 13 for the
tent, 10 for the fire hall . Pat will bring in the alpaca for a petting zoo.
Jared and Jim will work on the advertising. McDonald's employee will help
with the direct Jim and Jared with advertising ideas. Ken will do news
station contact.
Jared has done fabulous web site. Congratulations thanks for all your hard
work. Outline sno tigers on flyer.

Shelter: set up all done. Any old bar stools drop then off with Jim at Happy
Harry's The Saturday that we started it was a great turnout. We will have
to add the advertising to the shed. Thanks to all that sponsored the
shelter. This is something we will have for years to come. An investment
well received. Thanks to all that helped. The shelter is something the club
can be proud of.

Russ Pettit's wife review: she is getting better but still need surgeries.
Small steps are positive steps. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family

New business :

Club ride after special needs ride: February 7 th new prauge mn no money
given for refreshments

Anything new Sunday February 15 th all week ride. All are welcome pls call
ken at 952-469-2246.

Larry motion to adjourn sec meeting closed.
Winner of the bucket.

17.00 nick Ahrens not here



Meeting called to order 705

Sec report read and approved

Treasurers report read and approved
People in attendance 32

Old business
By laws : anything we choose to spend money on or would like to do , needs to be address or discussed at 2 meetings. The first to discuss the second to vote.
Saftey training food motion is needed for about 100.00 and approved each student is charged $5.00 this is to cover costs.
Nick Zak motioned to Peter sec

Snowmobile training is December 13 at VFW in Farmington.

bill:storage trailer 208.99 for trailer door payment approved

November 22 8am celts trail work day to install trails.
bridges are good at this time.
brushing needed behind pasture.

club ride: Jim Ross brought 33 per adults per night. Jan 23-25 are the best for the owner of the resort at Winibagosh
Jared Bitzan Crossings , Parker's Prairie, living social 42 per night per couple 10 extra per adult. southern otter tail county. They have a pool continental breakfast.
Bob Weigle: Hayward Wisc. Lakewood resort. 40 -50 a night. nice family restaurant. 100 a night per room. just north of hayward. about 2-3 hour drive . 38 for a Wisc pass.

Community expo Jan 31 2015 second discussion. main room. 40.00 for no electricity 50.00 for electricity. Brian motioned yes to do the Community Expo, Larry second the motion. that Peter motioned to set aside 100.00 for the expo. all approved.

fall swap meet: Jim Hoeft gave a review of the meeting he put together. nice turn out at the meeting. Jim Hoeft said that ,Mark T, Mark M. have the site layed out pretty much covered from past swaps. How to do advertising : hay days, pizza boxes ,trail maps, what is most cost effective and how to advertise. electronically would be the best. one more side meeting with Jared there, to get the electronically advertising. What cover most ground with most bang for the buck. Raffle was to be done at the swap and then the final drawing for the raffle will be at the steak fry. Jared motioned Peter second to set up the swap. all in favor passed. Poss moneys needed 1500.00 for the budget. Jim will put together a monetary proposal for next meeting, so the budget can be finalized. food will be 5-600 dollars.to be done at the next meeting

club book Treasa has a list and Jared has to look it over. Jean will send out the email. Treasa and Jean we touch base.

MN USA calendars 20.00 each club keeps the 5.00 for selling it there is also there is also a picture contest for the calendar.

road crossing signs. Larry to look into it. Larry is also to make a story for Glen's memorial.

Dakota Trails appreciation dinner is, Nov 29th at 6 at Celts. They would like a head count. Please email Jean at
jeanjzak@gmail.com to let us know you are coming.

Dakota trails meeting: Ken was the only one there from the club meeting. receipt was being paid but there was questions. We now have logs book for the groomer .There are now fuel meeters for the tanks. insurance :we get 1 freebie then $206 for each extra event plus $25 fee to review it .. WE need all the permission slips by land owners. in hand. We also need to cover the bridges, in regards to who owns them if a trail moves or land is sold.

Toys for town: suggestion was made that the club will match what individuals donate up to 500.00 Brian Vik voiced his concern that we would not make enough personal donations to make it worth while, : its for kids. police chief puts it on. Do we want to give this year . Mark W. made a motion to spend the 500.00. motion passed. Treasa said lets help wrap. Brian Linquist at the police depart Dec 15th is the wrapping day.

Russ Pettit's wife Barb is in the hospital. Barb has a Caring bridge file. We will pass the hat to help 240.00 was raised by the generosity of our members. Bob Weigle won the bucket money and donated it to the envelope. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!

any new business
special olympics ride for Mark Williams. He is requesting a donation. of 300.00. motion on the floor to donate the 300.00. it is approved. and will be brought up at the next meetings to be finalize.

Snowman contest. Was discussed during Octobers meeting ,150. 00 for prize to be determined on payouts. Jim motioned Nick sec. all approved.

Start a review of one item in the buy laws for amending if needed. There is some confusion about the 2 meeting bylaw. Jim motioned to reopen the bylaws. to look at the 2 meeting bylaw in particular. this is the first discussion . by laws committee will bring in their proposal.

1 st discussion on new shelter: club house is to expensive. looking into building a new shelter. larger in size. portable so it can be moved. 10x 18 shelter all steel with light plywood so it can be painted periodically. about 2500.00. the building represents us as a club. There is a possibility of donated materials. Jim Ross, said there is possibility of sponsorship by other business. does the club like the idea. yes set up a comity as to the cost that includes the donations. motion on the floor to make a comity, ken motioned
comity is the group of : Ken Zak, Peter ,Brian ,Jared ,Nick Zak ,Dave, Brandon
Caleb, Connor. anyone else that would like to attend any meetings for the shelter are welcome

Drawing was won by Bob Weigle

Jared motioned to close the meeting Larry sec meeting closed.

These are the November meeting minutes submitted respectfully

Jean Zak



Meeting called to order at 7.04 by pres Ken Zak
22in attendance

Sec report:
Sec report unavailable
Treas report: read and accepted
Bills to be paid 143.00

Old business:
By laws: approved and accepted at meeting end

Steak fry raffle fund raiser:
it went well everyone helped out it was great everyone liked it chad made the comment. Chad asked why we do it. its a fun thing to do as a club. We need to get on the book for next year. Raffle 2110.00. Steak fry 1290.00 profit. It was a quick set up and went well. Brian motioned to do it again Mark second. First weekend of October . All pass. One person involved in doing deposits

Storage trailer doors:
Mark rear door is a replacement door . Cheapest is 600 for door and hardware . Chad May donate his old door to the truck if his not repairable
Chad will poss check his connection for the doors. Mark will help build a door Jeff will help. Mark is in charge of the door. Ken motioned Mark handles the door Jeff second the motion.

Snowmobile saftey training dec 13 VFW 8-12 lunch Dakota fairgrounds for drive.
Cd class what we are going to do meeting after the class
Have officer tell everyone about trespassing Jared asked about the 5.00 per person per food.

Tiger decal: nothing yet. Caleb to get file

Special needs : February 7 fairground are good , fire is oked fair wants to know what part of the fairgrounds we will used

Dnr trading:

Golf outing : Bob thanks for hosting let's do a golf outing again

Sign work set date: bridge Dakota estates is reinstalled by pat and mark. The trail need to be brushed. It's a jungle. Mark Williams motioned to rent a cicld to clean the trail. Or find someone that has one
Sign work day Saturday October 18 9am at Chads building.

Club house poss at fairgrounds . We will need to find out what they wants from us.

Chad has a box to put by the shack for storage for wood or sign repair If possible needed

Club ride: everyone bring in your ideas as to where you want to go. Poss invite some of the other clubs. Even local rides. Such as a south metro club ride. Dakota trails ride. Ken will work on it.

Club book: Teresa has not gotten to it yet.
Jared has set it up to join on paypal or bring it in , or mail it in. Paypal is 21.00 . 2 options just the membership or membership plus MNUSA that is 42.00 because there are 2 items purchased

Youth ride: poss one Sunday for kids in area that want to ride but haven't been able to. Insurance is a poss expense. We may not reach who we are wanting to reach. Poss have a family ride. Lori adapt it to the special needs ride. Jim Hoeft wants to see it stand as a special needs ride only nothing else attached Do not add to it Jim Ross agrees with Jim Hoeft.
Jared promote Sunday family rides. We are not a daycare. Family ride it's all about presentations. Start from Carbonies. Reader boards at fairgrounds. Once a month poss. Table till next month by Teresa agreed and accepted

Facebook put snowmobile pics on

Farmington expo: jean Zak will handle it

Winter expo: swap meet. Jim Hoeft says we try to pick items to promote the expo. Like expo and steak fry combined. Jim Hoeft will chair the expo. It will stay the weekend after hay days I believe. Jared will web advertise it. Give Jim until January to put it together. Email to ask volunteer

New business:
Dakota trails it was a good meeting. 5/6 from Farmington so we had a good representation . Second Wednesday of the month.

Xmas part: Dinner at Jim's and bus later like last year. Jared motioned December 13 th for the party. Jim motioned 600 for bus Jared second. Christmas related costumes. Passed

Book keeping: a book has been set up for accting issues. So that we have transparency.

Snowman drawing: poss try it again this year. Build a sno tiger put on pizza boxs Jim motioned 150 Lori second. Passed Ken chaired Jim Ross will help.

Mn USA calendars 20.00 each and club gets 2.00 per calendar.

Halloween do we want to do anything let Jean know or put on facebook,

Lori,motioned to accept by laws, Jared seconded passed by the majority.

Larry to call about sign for snowmobile crossing ahead.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was seconded , meeting came to a close

Winners of the dollar drawing were at the meeting congratulations Teresa and Jeff


Meeting called to order 7.05
Members attending 24
Mission statement read
Sec min read and approved

Treasurers report read and approved

Old business:
Steak fry is Sept 27 at VFW : many volunteers are needed. It starts at 4. Friday is prep evening about 6 pm. Dinner is 4 to 8 volunteers to be here around 230. All steak fry ticket collections to be in next week. Give them to Jim at happy Harry's by Sat. Sept 21. You need to purchase to eat even if you are a volunteer. This was a unanimously voted in by the club. Put an effort out to sell tickets..raffle drawing that night.

Glen Heinz picture and article for paper: we need a little help on the article. Farmington independent will put something in. Larry will handle it thanks have it ready when trails open

Raffle: Lori has raffle tickets. And all the prizes are assumed in. Castle Rock and Roll has theirs out yet. But they will be picked up this coming week.

Haydays: Brian and Zachary: club row was not on east entrance. First time at new area. Foot traffic was down. We got 20 ft spot. It was worth it. Bean bag toss went well. Coloring book worked out. Pic boards were great . Generated interest. Lynn Keller was interested in special needs ride. She wants to write up an article. 30 raffle tickets sold. It is valuable if we treat it right. She loved the pictures . Lynn is From Midwest sports pub network. Swap meet came up by some swappers. Thank you Brian and Zachary for doing it. Brian is in charge for next year. Learned: banners are a bit to long, pic boards, safety bandanas , color book, were a plus we need to do again: we need end spot. It's a huge opportunity for our club to do the special needs ride . Busy both days. Cost was minimal in our view . Brian said he suggested we do it again. Zachary said its a great deal and there is money to be made there . Brian motions Pete second. Brian to chair. All approved. Swap may be an option in 2015. A budget for hay days was discussed. Motion was made for 400.00 for the Hay Day budget by Jim Hoeft. Jared second motion passes

Snowmobile safety training:
Location for training.
We can do conventional or cd it's up to us. Instructors will decide on what type of instruction they want to do. Dec 13 , 2014 is the chosen day. Nick Henry suggested empire township shop. Jared motioned Chad second. As long as empire is available. Otherwise it will be at VFW. Jared motioned cd course , Brian and nick Zak second motion passed.

Special needs ride Feb 7 or 14: February 7th 2015 Lori motioned, Nick Zak second. Motion same as last year Jeff S. second, all passed.

Storage trailer: nothing new Mark is trying to move it forward. Needs some help getting it finished.

Sno tiger decals: Caleb has not had time to get them together

Gander mountain instructor training October 2 6 pm: anybody interested in instructing ,Ken has the information.

Golf outing September 28: 1230 "t" time. Fountain valley in Farmington. $23 to golf
9 holes then a possible pot luck after. It's really fun.

Sign work day and club moving day September 21 noon: at Chads warehouse. Meet at Pat Deveney"s farm at noon. Send out Pat's address.

By laws: This is our 2nd meeting where the By laws have been presented. Oct meeting they will be finalized.

Club ride Winnibigash, Alexandria, Walker, Wisconsin:

Club house shelter board report, Ken,Larry,Pete,Caleb,Jared,Nick : Mark did some investigating at fair grounds

Club member book need someone to take it up: Treasa S. said she would work on the book and get the information to Jared to place it on the web page:

New business:

Pay dues on line: Jared to work at paying on line.

Facebook: we have the facebook now on one page. There will be a couple members that will keep track to make sure there is no inappropriate things put on

Patrol trails: discussed some people wearing vests to indicate they are members of the club that cares for the trail. If anyone is out of line while on the trails they can stop them and instruct them of appropriate conduct on the trails

Youth ride child ride: discussed but tabled

Sno tiger signs and trespassing signs: intersection sign needs to be put up. Jim Ross will put trail signs together on the 21st. Dak trails to poss by directional signs. Map ad was brought up by Larry. motioned by Ken second by Lori .

Dak trail meeting Oct 8 at 8 House of Cotes.

Brian Vic noticed that the North trail bridge is washed out. City of Farmington is fine with out prior trail arrangements.

Any new business: our shelter is insured by Dakota trails. We are going to lease the land for $1.00 a year to protect the land owner.

Community expo: in January if possible look see when it is. At the high school.

Expo poss next year. What is event made for. It would stay the Weekend after Hay Days. Mark and Lori have chaired it many years. People have passion and that is where they put their energy into. Brian made a motion to have anyone interested and wants to chair it please come forward. It is tabled until next month .


Drawing for dollars: $18.00 in the kitty Michelle Smith was drawn but not in attendance

Meeting ends motioned by:Lori
Second by:Chad

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted

Jean Zak Sec


Meeting called to order at 705 17 members were in attendance Brian Vik was unable to attend

Sec report read

Treas report not given
Bill for Fredrickson sign submitted an unknow bill for 363.38, we did not know the bill existed.
Ken motioned that we pay the bill, Larry second the payment. We will send Bill 2 steak fry tickets as an apology for the oversight Ken motioned Pete second.

Old business: Glen Heinz memorial went well on August 11. Bob Carlson helped with rock to surround thank you. Poss solar light to be attached to the plaque stand.

Cannon Falls turn out was good. Bean bag game was fabulous.

Poss Cantibury outing befor they close for the season, Ken to check into it

Steak fry: sept 27 th someone was to be at the door to help with tickets.

Fix a sled for the day. Dealers are not interested. So just the steak fry and raffle, and save idea doe next year

Raffles : tickets are selling well thanks to everyone that has helped in the selling of them this year.

Hay day: Brain will have confirmation about our spot poss next week ,7 am sept 6/7
Zachary and Brian to set it up. Still need the literature needed, banners, they need help. 10x20 free for the first, 50.00 for the extra 10 feet. Cooler of water for club members only possible.. A group meeting is to be planned so tht everyone knows what to do at the booth and when they are to be there for their shift.
Storage trailer: Larry has it started it will get done by October no brush needs to cleared at Happy Harrys. We need 15 in tires for the trailer, Caleb has gotten 5 matching 15 in tires, Thanks Caleb.. Is any money needed for supplies. Barn door style doors on the back is what is planned for the trailer .
Little trailer could use some door work.

Ken offer to move everything upstairs that is at Jim Hoeft garage.
Chad also offered space for our items as well. We will inventory everything on a Sunday morning get everything it over to the storage area after Labor Day
Sept 21st Sunday morning will be our work day at Chads. We will get all the signs together, inventory them, repair them if needed. .this will be our work day as well. Please Keep Sept 21st open for helping. This work day will also be used to get organized, so that we can get the items listed that we need. Sept 21 2014 Sunday noon.

Sign work day: wait until we get everything together At chads

New bylaws:

Bylaw reviews: everyone has a copy, to review them and come back for next month

Special needs ride: Jim Ross has been put in chargeof the special needs ride, Feb 7 2015 possible date or the 14 th 2015. Poss sled ride after the special needs ride.

Club ride for the winter. Winibagosh , or Walker, Alexandria , Parker's praire, there Are many good ideas. Or poss Wisconsin

Club member book: poss on the web site. It is an idea

Club house shelter: what do we raise money for?
A comity to scope out a club house for the the group. Larry, Mark T. And Peter, Jared and Caleb we head the the group.

Ken Zak is checking into a possible, Saturday for snowmobile instructor hopefully at Gander Mountain. Ken to get ahold of the dnr for the class.
We can do the training at empire township hall where the shop is. Then the driving will be after.

Leo's is 37 th anniversary this weekend. Sept 13 th lighthouse open house.

Keep the financial items on the bylaws in mind.

We do not have an active representative at this time. For Dakota trails. It needs to be an educated vote. Send out reminders of Dakota trail meetings. Give him the benefit of the doubt. He needs to come to all meetings.

Drawing for the 82.00 in the pot. Pete Gerald won he was in attendance Congratulations Pete

Larry motioned to close the meeting Caleb second

Respectfully submitted

Jean Sec

07/10/2014 -

Meeting started at 7:05 16 members in attendance

Review of the sec minutes was presented. And approved.
Treas report read and approved.

Old items: August 10, 6 pm dedication of the bridge. need a work day July 26 poss Larry will check his calendar for the work day and get back to Jean.

Dew days review: lot stopped by. steak tickets were sold Saturday was good 50 tickets sold 2 new members joined . parade went well may cut down on candy throwers next year
This weekend is the mn USA camp out .
Tubing at welch on Saturday welch at 11am

Sept steak fry 27th at VFW at 4-8 come one come all
Fair August 4-11

Dnr fix a sled day proposed for Saturday Sept 27th at Carbones all 3 dealers will get back to Ken. Mn USA registration got a list of snowmobile owners. More investigation on this item will be conducted.

Jim Ross will get back to us about fliers to send out for the fix it day. Club is behind the same day event.
Committee and budget needs to be set for this event. Facebook, garage sales signage, vote to do the event and poss Hay days Ken will man the free site, Brian and Caleb, Bob , Brian and Zachary are also interested in helping Sept 6th is Hay days weekend. Jim made motion to do hay days .and set aside 100.00 to use at hay days. Sec by Nick Zak motion passed ,,Zachary and Brian will head the committee . Brian will set up the paperwork and get it set up.

Raffle tickets Nick Zak has the tickets temporarily Lori T will have them next week.

New business:
Use it to peak interest, it's a live action forum.

Activities : poss 4 wheel ride maybe snake creek, 13 mile trail system .fall poss. Does someone what to start a committee to do the run. Poss weekend after steak fry, Bob will see who is interested in going.
Gander mountain shooting at party. Like Tuesday. It's a weekday . Bob W will do the investigation.
Sunday Sept 28th golf outing .

By laws: anything new????

New business: trailer , Mark has running gear ready for the storage trailer. Larry has to get the van body off for the running gear. Jim will let us use space behind happy Harry's. We need to have an inventory of what we have. July 20 poss.
Discussed necessity of need of website. We need it because we have events and snowmobile registration on it.

Do a roster: please send in a picture with email and phone number. Jim will check it out and see what the consensus about a roster is.
Rick Keith was the drawing 68.00 is the total.

Meeting motioned to adjourn: Connor motioned to adjourn the meeting Mark T second it. Motion passed

Respectfully submitted

Jean Zak Sec

Next Meeting will be Thurs Aug 14th 2014

06/12/2014 -

The June 12th meeting was called to order at 7:01 at the Farmington VFW. We had 14 members in attendance. Treasurer’s and Secretary’s reports were read and approved.

Old Business –

-Glen Heintz memorial bridge dedication will be Sunday, August 10th at 6:00pm.

-Dew Days – Teresa requested help for Friday’s activities. Jim Ross requested pictures to put on display. Parade is at 5:00pm on Saturday, anyone who wants to help with the float should meet at Lakeville Collision on Thursday at 6:00pm.

-Dakota Trails Report – Tracks are being purchased for the John Deere 7430, these new tracks will be a 4track design to give the tractor better floatation especially in powdery snow like we had this past year. Also the John Deere will no longer be leased out once the tracks are installed.

-MnUSA campout is July 11th through 13th. It is a Wild West Theme with prizes for costumes.

-Trails – Storage of signs. Happy Harry’s has allowed us to put our trailer behind their building once it is complete. Mark Tutewohl and Larry will pick a weekend to complete the trailer. Nick Henry is making a list of additional signs needed. Lori moved to allocate $120 to purchase materials for intersection signs. Chad Emanualsen seconded the motion. Discussion mentioned we should be reimbursed from Dakota Trails for the money spent. Motion Passed.

-Membership stickers – Caleb Phipps is working on the sticker design, but is requesting the original logo artwork from whoever has it so we can get good quality decals made.

-Fall Expo and Swap meet has not raised much support and will not be happening this year. Teressa mentioned a new idea of inviting local riders to bring in used sleds on trailer, and having club members and local dealers available to give advice on maintenance and repairs. Ken is also going to be working on getting a complete list of registered snowmobilers in the area to invite to club events.

-Raffle – Lori gave an update on the donors and will be getting tickets printed. Lori moved to purchase 1,000 raffle tickets, Larry seconded, motion passed.

New Business

-Steak Fry – Jared moved the club host a Steak Fry at the VFW on Saturday, September 27th. Lori seconded, and motion passed. Brian Vic moved to buy 300 tickets, Jared seconded, motion passed. Steak Fry tickets will be available for sale soon, cost is $10 each. Please be sure to purchase some for your family, and pick up some extras to sell to you friends and coworkers.

-Along with the Steak Fry and Raffle, a fundraising committee was formed to come up with other ideas to raise money. Committee consists of Ken, Mark and Lori Tutewohl, Jim Ross, Brian and Penny Vic, Mark Williamson, and Jared.

-Snowmobile Safety Instructor Training – Sometime this fall, date TBD, an instructor training class will be held at Gander Mountain in Lakeville. It is believed to be held on a weeknight probably starting at about 6:00pm. Anybody who wants to be an instructor should attend, along with current instructors who need to renew. If you have not taken an instructor course in the last two years, you will need to renew.

-Safety Training – Date has not been set yet, but most likely will be held either December 6th or 13th.

-Caleb has set up a Cash account at Carquest in Farmington for club members. If you shop for parts there let them know you are with the club and you can receive up to a 15% discount on parts.

-Dollar drawing was held with the winning total of $54. David Story’s name was drawn, but he was not present so the kitty will rise again at the next meeting. Be sure to come to get you chance.

-Nic Henry moved to adjourn, Jim Ross seconded, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Jared Bitzan.

05/08/2014 -

Meeting called to order 23 attendance.
Meeting min approved

173.38 Jared motion to pay Larry second motion approved

Old business:
Glen Heinz memorial to be dedicated some time during the season Larry and
Ken to put in the pole. Aug 11 at 7 pm Jared motioned Brian second the
Golf outing time 1230 may 18th you can bring your own cart Bob weigel is
in charge. Bob spend 50 for food for the 18 th. Passed Dew days parade
everything is good just need insurance call Rosie. Ken to have trailer Larry
to get building Booth for dew days Teresa to get the booth set up. It will
be going. Teresa is trying to get a larger site. Farmington excited. It is
paid for and rented. 2 people 4 would be great. Friday June 20 noon to 8
Saturday 10-8 June 21st. Jim Ross 21st all day.teresa sent a sign up sheet
around.power point is done by Teresa . Thank you for doing this for the
club. We need pictures. We can run a generator. Power point must run of
computer. Jim has offered stuff up but has not gotten back to Teresa.
Rebecca is in charge of dew days. Kitty cat and z 120 would be nice to have.

Meadow view was a success . They would like us to do more. Nick needs to see
what she wants. Anything that moves. Thanks Nick for heading this up and making it a success.

We need to update the membership. Forms. Penny is taking charge Jared will
replace the orange flyer an the one for snowmobile safety training.

Make one for both options we need to update each year. Color books from mn
USA we need more color books. Penny to make new color books .ken to email

Land owner dinner. Went well

Land owner dinner pat and mark 85 total that is about normal. Chees potatoes
went well

July 11-13 mn USA camp out. Lots of fun stuff cannon valley campground.

Trails: repair signs spring or in the fall. We need a budget. Direction
signs. Get signs from safety signs then make them. Stay on trail from dnr.
Maintained by sno tigers. Dakota trails should be paid for by them. Larry to
find about signs.

Signs need to be off the hay rack it is sold.
Snow fence, out, aluminum signs , all need to go. Of the back property that
is sold.
Mark to head the project

New business:
Grant and aid Jim was to find out he was not here.
Members get sticker for paid membership. Jeff sticker for truck while
putting trails. Caleb in charge Fall expo: sept 20 th 2014 fair grounds is
available. 250 damage deposit. Jim is wondering if the responsibility is to
much. Check and see if any other groups would like to attend and be part of
it. They will not get involved if we don't have a date. Table till next
month. They need to vote . This meeting Jared motioned to table Jeff second.
have it on sept 20 th Teresa would like a sportsman expo.
Fundraising committee and a package needs to be put together. Lori Ken and
Jared Penny and Jim for fundraising Olympics motion to not do it.
Bylaws and clean them up. And review them. Mark ,Larry ,Mark ,Jared, Ken

Any other new business:
Junes meeting out back at carbones for summer. Lori motioned passed.
Money drawing. 1 dollar per membership. Paul Walsh. Missed the 41 dollar pot
by not being here. Lori motion to send dak trails nick second the motion
passed .
Larry motion to adjourn Ken second.


04/10/2014 -

Meeting called to order at 706
39 and 3 kids were in attendance.

Treasures report read and accepted

Bills turned in from Ken for bathroom / outhouse. And 756.69
Food 58.49
Mark motioned to pay bill seconded

Pat appreciation dinner everything on schedule. Sunday April 13. 100 potatoes need to be wrapped Pat ordered the cake mark to get veggies . Pitchers are 7.00 a pitcher dinner for 100 will be around 5-600 dollars. Set up please come 330 for prep. Social hour is at 5-6 dinner at 6-630. please come and help out.

New business:
Email for meadow view elementary . Bring things for kids may 6 set 5-530. Showing is at 6

Nick Henry to chair this event. It has been a good showing in the past. Bring membership forms and pictures for people to look at while the kids explore.

Mountain Dew days june20-21 20 noon to 8. And 10-8. 75 for 12/12 site maybe able to sell things. Angel Teresa to sell pop or water registrations , safety training paperwork. Poss power point. Deadline is April 14 th. Who can work the booth. Trail maps ect. Vol for 4 hour shifts 2 persons at a time. This is new it is to show commitment to sledding. Jim Ross motioned to spend dew day Lori sec motion passed.
Parade June 21 at 5 pm this is lineup. Brian has the information. Ken to help decorate float Bob weigel as well. Both on the committee

Trail pick up will be Saturday or Friday if someone wants to do it then. Make sure that sections are listed . Brian rain or shine mark t Celts sat for breakfast.

Glen Heinz has been taken off life support. Dollar amount for donation and they should dedicate Glens bridge. Make a plaque and get a picture do it so he can see it . Trophy house in Lakeville . Granite slabs Russ Pettit has offered a piece . Flowers now and on funeral and plaque. 500.00 Ken motioned for Mark seconds.

Dakota trail meeting. Ken will start a committee for a sounding board. Not rushing into anything we want it to do it write. Dnr hasn't gotten back to us on our questions. April 26/27 seminar on future of snowmobiling at camp ripley.
July 11-13 cannon falls campground. Minn USA summer camp out . We will be tubing as well.

Golf outing may 18 Sunday afternoon. Fun golf outing and BBQ at nicks.
Email will be sent out.

Memorial weekend we are going 4 wheeling if anyone wants to come. At "stomping grounds" campgrounds. In Aekley mn.

Bruce motioned that we amend the bylaws to include the summer meetings. The board can ask for additional meetings. Our calendar year starts sept 1st.

Pres : Ken Zak and Jim Hoeft. Votes. Jim: Ken: new president
Vice pres: Jim Ross, David Story. Jim: vice pres David:

Sec: jean Zak

Treasurer : Brian Vik

Trail capitain: Larry Ahrens , Pat Devney , Nic Henry 2 positions, new captain Pat Devney, assistant Nic Henry.

Board of directors: Jeff Schmidtke , nick Zak new board member Jeff

Dakota trails rep: Larry Ahrens, Ken Zak , Jim Hoeft, Mark Martinson ,nick Zak
Primary representative: Jim Hoeft
Secondary representative: Larry Ahrens

Motion to close meeting : Mark sec Jim Hoeft
Dollar drawing person was: 25.00 chosen Todd Coolidge not in attendance pot goes up next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:26

respectfully submitted

Jean Zak sec

03/13/2014 -

March 13 2014

Meeting was held at the Farmington VFW for a change because the notice was to distracting at carbones. We will see how this goes.

Meeting was called to order at 709
Attending the meeting were 27 Members.

Treasurer was not here so the call totals are

Appreciation dinner invites out soon same as last year April 13 2014 4 pm help time.
Steak fry. Social hour 5-6. Dinner at 6. Check and double check members. We need a picture board. Beer per pitcher , steaks 100. Bakes potatoes , salad

We need to get signs back from x land owner.

Swap meet approved all the events except the swap meet. Angel Schmidt and Teresa will chair the swap meet. Are we doing the swap for what reason. To make money or make it awareness. We do meadow view elementary in the summer event with sleds atv side by sides this is a show. Swap meet is awareness do
what we do and who we are. Could we do a better awareness doing something else. Community expo is a possibility we should be there. Bruce says out of the box solves a need and attracts more people. Possible end of season. Can we buddy up with other clubs.
What will we do as a fundraiser to do our community efforts. The beer bash can still go on as a fundraiser. Spring swap is an option. Do we want to keep some type of function. Motion to continue swap for 2014 in name only. It may be in the spring suggested weekend before fishing opener. Budget Jim motioned 2500.00 nick 2nd it. This includes the beer bash. Motion passed.

New business Dakota assoc was wanting to buy a new tractor. They are not getting this groomer it was tabled until next year,. Fact finding of going on our own. We would get our own groomer we have 54 miles of trail. There is no decision on it, this is only in a fact finding issue. We need to change the voting method. We can change it next meeting by showing up at the meeting next month. Larry has been going for the last 15 years. Everyone needs to get involved to change things. Next month go to the meeting. Breaking off on our own would be about 15000.00 a year we will need to tighten our belt. We need a used not a new groomer. It is fact finding only. Dakota trails is like a homeowners association.

Any other new business
Activity new business
April 25-27 minn USA meeting at camp reply

July 11-13 cannon falls camp out.

Nominations for officers
Pres Ken and Jim
Vp David story Jared ,
Sec jean , Dave o
Treas Brian and Jared
One board member open Jeff. Nick Zak ( Nicks is up )
Trail pat, Larry nick

Nominations closed
Nominate a voting spokesperson for Dakota. Motion on table to elect a delicate for Dakota trails
A person and an alternate.
Delegate Larry and Kenny ,Jim Nick ,Mark Martinson
Motion to leave as is is and put on the ballet for next moth

Meeting adjourned 8:20

02/13/2014 -

Feb 13 2014
Members in attendance 31 2 guests

Some bills are still out for safety training and special needs ride
Membership we need to get the info out to everyone try to texting
Special needs ride it was great. Many thank you shave been received. 111 people attended. Registered. The handlers were absolutely appreciate . The guy with the Model A snowmobile was wonderful. Learned from a lot. We will be referred to other homes for next year. Nurse classes came in and emts were there as well. Job well done
Fair grounds were concerned about a couple things. Pavilion will not be used next year. No fire on the grounds, side by sides off the grounds. They will cut open any areas needed for the side by sides next year.

Appreciation dinner for land owners will be 4/13/2014
Price is 10.00 a plate. VFW dinner 6 ., 5-6 happy hour breakfast to start served 80 people 60 land owners rest were helpers

Swap meet last month tabled reopened this time poss get 2 events together poss. Mark and Lori prefer not to do the swap meet any longer. Consistence is needed.
Poss a steak fry at the VFW . You need to commit to 200 tickets. Table then vote next month for steak fry event and swap. Jared motioned table for another month. Larry and Pete second the table. If it goes Tricia and angel will chair it. If it goes.

If it is not a sled it is trespassing, skiers, bikers , 4 wheelers get off the trails or get hurt.
Sunday rides: nobody ever shows.
This Sunday is going to the shelter. Meet at Jim's at 10

Nominations for board
President - Ken Zak , Jim Hoeft
Trails - Pat, Larry, Nick Henry
Vice President - David story
Treasurer - Brian Vik and Jared Bitzan
Club ride date not sure or where we want to go.
This Saturday Hastings vintage ride 9 on Saturday then going to hay creek fair grounds leaving on sled.

Close meeting Larry seconded by Nick Henry

01/09/2014 -

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Old Business:

Membership dues and MNUSA dues need to be collected as soon as possible.  Should have them in by the end of the month.

Trails- Larry reported that the rest of the intersection signs need to get put out, some still need to be repaired.  Groomer is fixed and working well, however grooming is still a no go until we get enough snow.

Jim Ross reported that comments have been made about the trails being marked well.  Jim Hoeft reported the DNR was contacted about some trespassing, so be sure to stay on the trails and report anyone you see leaving the trail.

Special Needs Ride -

Jim Hoeft reported pretty much all vendors are settled.  Still working on logistics for setup and tents. -Nick Henry is heading up machines, 7 side by sides and 10 two up sleds - committee will have layouts within the next couple weeks.  Two more meeting on the 16th and 30th to finalize plans.  Food will come from Family Fresh and will try to keep everything local. Club has 4 helmets that have been donated so far and have about ten to use. Teressa posted a craigslist add to try and get more donated helmets.  Nick Henry is working on getting some brand new ones donated to the club. Mark Williams will bring heaters. Mark Olson handed out Flyers to ISD 917 to get more participants. Teachers and coaches there were very excited to find out about the event. Mark Martinson knows a guy from Rosemount who will bring out a Model T Ford snowmobile to give rides.

New Business

Appreciation Dinner - April 13th at the VFW

Events for 2014-15- List was presented to the club: Appreciation Dinner, Parade, Summer Picnic, Winter Expo/Beer Bash/Summer Olympics, Safety Training, Christmas Party, Hot Dog Roast, Special Needs Ride. Kenny moved to table the topic of the Winter Expo/Beer Bash/Summer Olympics until the next meeting.  Nick seconded. Motion passed. Mark Williams moved to approve remainder of list, and Kenny seconded.  Motion passed.

Nominations for officers were opened.  Kenny was nominated for President, Larry and Pat were nominated for Trails director positions.  No nominations we made yet for Vice President, treasurer, secretary, or director position.  Larry moved to close nominations until the next meeting, Cathy seconded.  Motion passed.

Jim Ross brought up the idea of a steak fry $2,000 for 200 tickets, topic was tabled until next meeting.

Happy Harry’s donated $680 to the club.

Kenny announced that the evening of special needs ride some members will be riding to New Prague snow providing, all are welcome.

Looking at Feb. 21st-23rd for the club ride with site tbd.

Mark Williams will be arranging for the DNR to put on a snowmobile safety instructor training in Farmington sometime in April.

Bruce Schweich won the dollar drawing.

Larry moved to adjourn, Mark Williams seconded.  Motion passed.

12/12/2013 -

Dec 12 2013,
Members in attendance 29 Meeting called. To order at 706 pm by pres Jim Hoeft

Memberships 45 to 50 members
So far jan 1 mn USA has to be turned in

Please join MNUSA

Trails done signs out on blain orange fence North and south conroys can be opened Saturday. Intersection signs not out yet. We need to update the maps in the intersection holders.
Jim has the stuff for any intersection signs. If more are needed.
Behind the creamery they took the signs down. Groomer will be back tomorrow night.
Let us know if you see anything put of the ordinary . We cross roads 7 times
Farmington called pat about sleds on bike path. So signs need to be placed stay off the bike trails . Fencing could be used possibly .
Xmas party Saturday at Jim's home. Bus to pick up there at 730 dressing up is fun. More the merrier family membership are husband and wife. Back to Jim's about 1230 am . Food self items. Over 21. Dinner kids can come. Old piper, carbones ,wild bills.

Portable bathroom, is going great it will be going by the shelter. We now have a picnic table as well.
New Year's Eve at the shelter if the groomer goes through.
Every Saturday we want to have hot dogs on the trail. Free for sled riders as they go by. Little mr heater would work great. Jared to have the calendar ready for sign ups on the trail.
Saftey training set up at 630, Saturday morning 730 start registration class starts at 8 we have videos good and bad. Does and don't. 9 am Sunday behind the wheel. At the fairgrounds. Feed the kids what do we want to do. Mark will take care of the meal. Poss 2 classes one cd and one regular class. Maybe use the vermillion town hall. Hold about 100 people.

Special need ride. We have interest via emails at least 3 emails have come through. We can handle even wheel chair kids. We have flyers made. Community meeting every other week starting shortly after Xmas . Trolly , fire department, police department, pictures lanyards. Figure out how to identify who the person is in the pictures. Feb 8 th 2014. We need extra helmets. WCCO replay the clip from last year. Larry got 250.00 from Dakota trails for the special needs ride. Hats that are done 150 ready. Dakota trails lets us use their tent. We may need another tent . We had the pavilion and a 20x20 we may need to expand as it gets better. Treasa made up flyers
Clothing Amy
New business: Marc special Olympics ride we have Larry motioned 300.00 sec all in favor
Land owners dinner at VFW. Date to be decided. Most likely sec weekend in April.
Saturday night for the party there will be sober cab.
Larry moved to adjourn.


Jean Zak Sec.

10/10/2013 -

Meeting called to order 7:15
16 in attendance at this time

Old business swap meet:

Brian has the new membership forms from the swap meet.
Outstanding for the swap meet and the Olympics.
Lori has some and jean

Swap meet was an acceptable crowd 21 swappers food went well.
Pizza man said they did ok.

Jim would like the committee to write down the does and don't of the swap to make things better

Lori wants to revisits the need for the swap meet. It is a lot of work is it worth it the cost versus expenses. Happy Harry's helped organize the cable advertising and helped with the cost. Possible time change oct, November. Advertising needs to be revisited.

Dave story will check fair options

Clothing: Amy attended to show us what we need for clothes if wanted.

East trail is gone planted sod on everything. Transition tower is going to be right along the trail. Pat will talk to new land owners. All the markers should be in and the blazers . Corridor trails need to be marked very well this year.
Castle rock has gas, pay at the pump
We are north of 86 north creek bridge need to be replaced. It floated down a little. Glens is good and middle school is great. Some trails may need to be brushed. Perry are new land owners. Pat will see if there are any others that need to be updated. Larry will check on the insurance land owner signed slips. Larry will call Rachel and see what she wants done. As far as land owners are concerned.
Intersections: Larry will get the intersections marks for pilot knob back.

We will need a marker day. Larry would like the big blazer not the small ones,
Will post a dates once we get signs.

New business :
Memberships should be done by next meeting. We want Brian to have them in on time.

Christmas party Bruce Lori Jim Ross ken will get together for the planning and date.

Safety training is Dec 14th with riding on the 15 th Jared has had 5 on line safety training regs on line.
Mn USA weekend is in Owatonna. Oct 24-25
Things needed for the safety training books and supplies are good. Food to feed the kids is still up in the air. Ken has new videos because the kids would like newer videos.
Oct 17 in Layette and 19th is LeCenter are instructor classes.

Weenies on the trail , Larry will be doing the first, he volunteered . Ken would like to see it at the shelter once a weekend during the season. It can be Saturday or Sunday. Motion made by Ken Zak to do the weenie roast every weekend. Bruce second. as an event. passed. Ken made the motion to adjust the budget for the season, second by Larry all passed. January 1 2014 starting. Hot dogs Saturday , ride Sunday.

David story paid dues and MNUSA dues.
Kathy Pape
Jim Hoeft dues MNUSA
Pete Gjerald
Bob Amy Weigal
Mark Laurie Martinson
Signature wear Amy
Russ Pettit

Thank you to all the members that have turned in their membership forms.

Special needs ride Feb 8 th 2014.
Schools are not very supportive at this time but Jim will talk to them so they may understand our motive for the special needs ride in hopes that they may support our cause. The news advertised our event last year and should we utilize then again. The people come mostly from the Dakota county area south metro. We need a committee to get together and come back next month with their thoughts. It will be at Jim Hoeft's shop on Oct 24 at 7 pm
New business:
Bob : advising signs for crossing areas, to help local businesses. We have the frames for the signs we just didn't need them last year no snow. Any signage is better then no signs. Bob will check out cost for gas/food. Larry is doing map ads and will check to see if they want to have a sign. Our trail system is 9 intersections.

Ken forgot the kitty drawing bucket. Badddd.
Trails and maps: we should have them printed and laminated. Dakota trails was not in favor of taking on the cost. We will look into the cost for the next meeting.

Meeting closed: at 8:30 Larry motioned Lori second

Meeting minutes


Jean Zak sec.

09/12/2013 -

Called meeting to order 705 pm

Summer Olympics went well
Ken thought that we may consider having a bingo roller of our own.

Officers ask that the committees review the weekend events.

Swap meet. We need help!!!!!!! Mark requests all hands on deck. Help with the vintage. Ken, Nick, Jared are working on the parking. There will be around 3to4 4wheelers. We have sign plaques to mark the 4 wheelers. Jeff, and Mark are working on registration.
Ken has the clip boards. Mark has all the signs in and the area is marked. Thank you Mark Martinson for working on those. Friday afternoon the tent goes up. Jim to bring the trailer and the skid loader around noon. Jim H. will get ice. In the trailer there are chairs, tables, white boards. Membership and raffle tickets will be at the end of the trailer on its own table. Pizza Man will be under the tent.

Ken to bring clip boards and the bin with the folders in from the house and the grill. He will also bring the PA system .
Vintage stuff is all set up. There are no confirmations as of yet. There have been quite a free swappers have called.
We need to meet at Lori and Marks on Friday night around 6 pm for power we will go across the road or used the generator
Leo's will be there.
Hamburgers and hotdogs 100 hamburgers 100 hotdogs from the bin that ken has we need the following. boats,buns, chips, coffee, water and soap to clean hand with. Tina and Lori will get the food tomorrow. Beverages are good Lori got most of them. We need to have the the prizes turned into Lori right away
We need another sign for gales yard.
Bob will not be able to do pictures. Carmen will be our photographer
New business:
Logos embroidery and name not to exceed
10.00 or less for shirts
7.00 or less for the hat or beanies are 1.98 plus the embroider
Calculated on a stitch count . Let Jim know and we can send a bunch over.
Everyone bring your own clothes. To the next meeting and we can turn it in so we can order get them embroidered. Hats and beanies we would get from the embroidery store. Jared motioned that We will have 15beanies made to have for sale at the swap meet. Ken Seconded. Selling for 12.00
Trails: groomer goes into Wisconsin for repair and it will be back in about 30 days. Highway3 at fairgrounds east there will be a need for a detour because of the power lines that may be put in. We are trying to get rid of all metal steaks. There are a couple new intersections that need to be addressed. Let us know if there are any things that need to be addressed. Check bridges As well.

Jim Ross needs to have the pictures for the special Olympics . Sign up sheets. We need a committee set up for the special needs ride

Christmas party headed by Ken, Jim Ross, Jared , Lori to help out on the Christmas party.

Brian needs to know what is needed for the swap meets. What are the prizes for the vintage and they are just trophies.

Brian and penny Vik won the dollar drawing 28.00
Meeting closed at 8.06 pm

Meeting minutes


Jean Zak sec.

08/08/2013 -

Meeting called to order at 715
Members in attendance 13
Bills to do picnic 179.52
Jared wants to set up a pay pal acct for the sign up of the events
Brian Vik will check it out if we have the accurate numbers
Mark is game on to the swap meet. Ramble jam is a different weekend.
Lori needs the big BBQ er
Lori has been Getting pop for the swap meet
Burgers , hot dogs. And brats. Chips and coffee ,cookies ,hot chocolate
Dealers Mark Martinson is in charge
Lori will need some slow cookers possible
Meeting before the swap meet would be beneficial
Mark needs people committed to helping.
Wednesday Sept 4 th will be a meeting on the swap at 7 pm at Mark and Lori's
Ken and Jared will work till noon
Al can work the grill
Bob Carlson has the judges set up fore the vintage show
Signs to be put out on the 14 th of August .
Lori will have pizza man's beer man help with signage
On line stuff is great thanks Jared the vp. Check out the web site!!!!!!!!
Lori has the raffle tickets
Ken: summer olympics we need team 6 for volley ball 4 for bean bags
We need more sets of bean bag boards Jim will find the bean bag boards
Bingo talk to Mark Williams
We need help and participation Aug24 th
Volley ball starts at 10 am
Dec 14 th safety training VFW in Farmington 8 am
We will talk to them about the food
We should set up the signs at the Olympics for the training
Picnic was fun there were 20 in attendance
Jared will set up pay pal account so that people can do their sign up on line And pay on line
Membership fun bucket come to the meeting if your name is called then you win the money in the if your not here then you loose :-(
Cannon Falls tubing weekend Aug 17 everyone's welcome we have camp sites in a circle.
So we have lots of room. Bob weigel is taking care of the sites
Mark will need posts and Larry will gets them
Tim Sober was drawn and he looses 9.00
A motion was made to pay the bills.
Picnic bills were paid
Jim Ross motioned to close the meeting second motion passed

Follow up on the camp out tubing trip: It was a BLAST the Vik family, Wigel Family, Zak family, Jim Ross and Chris, Jared Bitzan, Lori and Mark, Larry Cathy all attended. It was great and so much fun.

The Farmington Summer Olympics went well. More to fallow at the Sept Meeting.

07/11/2013 -

The July 11th meeting was called to order at 7:07pm. Officers present: Jim Hoeft, Jared Bitzan, Penny Vik, Pat Devney, Larry Ahrens, Mark Martinson, and Mark Tutewohl.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Penny reported that she and Brian are setting up a spreadsheet to assist in seeing were money is being spent and where it is coming in from.

Old Business

Shirts – Jim Hoeft reported Teresa is getting an order sheet together so that members may sign up for  different styles of shirts with the club logo on them. He is also getting a quote to get Sno-Tigers screen  printed reflective vest for events such as the swap meet. Club consensus was to get pricing on a bulk order  of 5 Large, 5 XL, and 5 XXL vests.

Swap Meet – Mark Tutewohl reported that we will be using trail blazers instead of paint to mark swap spots.  This will save us the large expense of purchasing paint. We also need to get an updated insurance certificate  to the Fairgrounds. Jim Hoeft reported that the contract is taken care of with the Fairgrounds for the event.  Lori Tutewohl reported that Pizza Man will have a free spot at the Swap Meet and will give donation at  discretion from alcohol sales. Their catering license allows them to sell alcohol. Club decided on requesting  he bring some pours and can beer. Penny Vik mentioned the idea of Can Koozies with the Sno-Tigers logo to  sell next to the beer vendor. Lori also mentioned we have a very good size list of donations for the Raffle.  Jim Hoeft will be emailing out a donation receipt for anyone else that needs one for other donations. Bob  Weigel is working with Madden’s who has donated a round of golf for four to see if they would consider  adding in a one night stay to go with it. Mark Martinson has some flyers at the local dealers and brought  samples of a few others which he was going to have color printed and distribute also. He also reported that  Leo’s offered to put our event on their website as well. We still need some help with signage, contact Mark  Tutewohl if you can help. Signs need to be re-dated and event name changed to have Swap Meet added  instead of Winter Blast. Also to advertise it is a free event.

Summer Olympics/Beer Bash – Jared Bitzan reported on behalf of Ken Zak the ideas for the Summer Fun  Olympics. We are looking at hosting Volleyball and Bean Bag tournaments, as well as Bingo in the Pavilion  and a Motorcycle show. Carbone’s is giving us a great deal on kegs for the event. Discussion is still open on  entry fees and if we are going to sell tickets for just beer or only have the free beer for those participating in  the events. Food will have to go through Carbone’s which they would charge the club a reduced rate and then  we can sell for more. There will be raffle drawings every half hour, and Carbone’s will also have their outdoor  bar set up for all other beverages. The Grand Prize for the Olympics winner will be a free Pedal Pub rental.  Look for an email soon for a committee meeting this week to try and finalize the details. Mark and Jim are  working on some extra attendance by trying to get a motorcycle ride happening the same day to make us one  of their stops. That one is still way up in the air because it depends on the Police Department and the route  of the Motorcycle Run.

Club Picnic – The Club Members Picnic will be held Sunday, July 28th from 1:00pm until 8:00pm. It will be at  Antler’s Park on Lake Marion, which is the same location as last year. The club will be providing meat to grill  along with pop and water. Members are asked to bring a dish to pass as well as any other beverages they  may prefer.

New Business

Tubing Event – August 17th members will be tubing in Welch, MN. All are welcome; some are even camping  out for the weekend. If you cannot camp with us, please feel free to make the short drive and visit us for a  day on the river. For more information or question contact Ken Zak.

Storage Shed – Mark Tutewohl brought to attention the possibility of obtaining a storage unit for all of the  club materials. Larry Ahrens has an aluminum van body that he is willing to donate, and Pat Devney would be  willing to donate a running gear so that we can make it portable. It will need a little work but should be  great place to keep our material protected from the elements.

Meeting was adjourned 9:18pm

Respectfully Submitted

Jared Bitzan

Vice President

05/09/2013 -

Meeting called to order at 7.05pm
officers in attendance were
Jim H, Brian Vik Penny Vik and Jean Zak
Ken Zak activities director
we received 1 new members. Tina Hill

We received a thanks you for the funeral gift.
marker pick up is almost done.
Meadow View school Moving night went well. Jim and Nick took sleds nd four wheels the kids and adults enjoyed
500 diamonds for this falls trails DNR approved. Dakota trails will received them for us.
Dakota trails representative was volunteered by Ken Zak
Bylaws have to be gone over t special meeting. We will go over them this summer and vote for members that will be our representatives.
it takes 3 meetings to adjust bylaws.

Bylaws are public knowledge.
bylaws will be brought up at the next meeting.
sun shine committee is Kathy Ahrens. Table it until Kathy is in attendance.
New business
getting shirts made with new digital images for the shirts. The shirts are very nice. 5.00 per shirt and 6-7 dollars to have them embroiders.Jim said went to shirts and vests that you would wear over them to show that we are a part of the club. Jim Ross has brought this to the meeting. Jim has someone in Chaska that can do overnight turn around. Right now we can purchase shirts reasonably, what do we want to do with the vets and shirts. Order them every three months so that it is a group bulk order. order form made up 4-5 choices will put the order form on the web site as well.
Accountant was spoken to and Ann said the dues can be spent 100 per cent on the club. fundraisers 51 percent has to go back to your mission statement. Jim Ross Brian Vik and Ken Zak to go to the acct office. Lori T. nominated these 3 people. Motion is on the table to get 2 opinions for the look at the books. Bruce is in the club he can look at it and we can have another. It was seconded. budgeted 110.00 1 hour second by Jim
Phone tree so that people can all be notified. The new list is on the email. Jim will call the complete list and then we can separate the list between us.

Ken Zak has brought up the cub picnic, It will be on July 28th 2013.
1pm until park closes
Camp out at June 7-9 shades of sherwood. Everyone is invited.

past events were
appreciation day
summer picnic
winter expo beer bash
safety training
christmas party
wienie roast
special needs
We need to find out the operating costs that we spend that does not come back.
We will have to check with the acct to find the numbers.
We have agreed to have these events: We broke apart the beer bash from the winter expo. We can set a budget and then make adjustments after we get acct meetings done.
We have approved all the events listed and the special olympics and the toys for towns need to be added to the list. Also we need to have a slush fund for the repairs of the trailer website fees and possible working capital.
a motion was made to add a general fund and put 800.00 in that fund.
prade: Dew Days Brian will be doing the application. Saturday night at 5 pm the parade start. Penny has a budget of 300.00
Lori motioned that 1900 for the swap meet and 600.00 for the beer bash

picnic and the christmas party will come out of our dues.
motion was added to design a charitable giving and event budget. We accepted the agenda as stand ken seconded. motion passed.
Beer bash meeting to be set up at a later date.
Ken and Jim Ross will head the beer bash. Penny, Lori, will help ,Jean will send out a email the date of the meeting.

swap meet: mark T is proposing to keep lot size the same 20x40 20.00 day of 15 pre registration 250 to rent fair grounds.
650, food. changing the name of the event "Farmington sno tigers swap and vintage expo "
bringing in a beer garden to the expo is being discussed.
advertising the expo on cable tv . Charter advertising piggy backing on happy harrys. 2 weeks in june 2 weeks in july 1 week in august. Cost seems to be reasonable. Jim H said you have your committees bring us solid numbers. With the expo just keep within your budget of 1900.00. Motion was made to change the name by Ken and seconded by Brian Vik approved and passed.
We need to open the expo up to everyone not just select few.
give stacks of brochures for advertising to the dealers. Ask if the dealers want to be on the brochures for a fee. Invite MNUSA to have a site there. DNR possibly as well thanks you Penny for the suggestion.
The meeting was voted to adjourn approved by all.

meet ended


Jean Zak Sec

04/11/2013 -

We had the officer voting meeting and the new board members have been elected:

Pres: Jim Hoeft

VP: Jared Bitzan

Treas: Brian Vik

Sec: Jean Zak assisted by Penny Vik

Trail Boss: Larry Aherns

Assistant Trail Director: Pat Devney

We had the land owners dinner and it was a great success. They all appriciated our efforts and enjoyed the closeness of the VFW we may have it there again next year.

It was brought up that the signs by the roads should have the road name on them so that you can coralate your position on the map. We will look into that for next year.

We now have a Sunshine hostess: Kathy Ahrens she will be sending out cards for special occasions or needs.

Meadow View Elementary school contacted us again about their hands on evening. Last year we took sleds and snowmobiles over for the kids to look at and enjoy. We will consider it again for this year. Jim H and Nick H will head this up.

It was brought up that possible the member could be pictured on the web site as well on a seperate page. The officers are pictured but when we have a get together and we meet many members sometimes we forget their names this way we could sheck the web and put a face to a name. This was also tabled for more discussion.

July 21st will be the summer picnic again more details later.

another event brought up for the summer was tubing down the Cannon River.

MN USA campout will be July 12 -14

Mark T will be getting the swap meet items going. He and Lori are in charge again this year. If you can help them out please contact them.

Jim Ross is in charge of doing something possible for Dew Days in Farmington.

Meeting closed

Jean Zak Sec