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Farmington Sno-Tigers

Local Trail Conditions

2016-2017 Riding Season

12/15/2016- Trails are technically open, but riding on them is not yet encouraged.  Lack of snowfall had not allowed the groomer to head out yet.  The are many spots especially in the plowed fields were terrain is very rough and will be hard on riders and their equipment.  We recommend not heading out yet, but if you decide to use extreme care and caution.

2015-2016 Riding Season

04/01/2016- Trails are officially closed for the year.

12/29/2015-  Trails are officially open for the year.  We got quite a bit of snow today.  I want to ask everyone to be extra careful out there.  Do to the warm fall and winter so far, many of the water areas are not accessible to the groomer.  As a result, trails will not be able to be groomed for a few weeks yet.  Please keep speed down and eyes open for items hiding in the snow.